*Main Days Mass : Saturday: 17:00, Sunday: 7:00 and 10:00

*Weekdays Mass : Monday: 7:00, Tuesday ~ Saturday: 9:30 (Morning Prayer : 9:00)

*National Holiday Mass (except Sunday) : 9:30

Sacrament of Confession : 30 minutes before Mass, for duration of 20 minutes the priest is inside the confession room.

【Church Calendar & Church Event】

12/3 (Tue) 12:00~13:30  Funeral Mass Ceremony   18:00~Farewell Mass

12/4 (Wed) 12:00~13:30 Funeral Mass Ceremony

12/5 (Thu) 11:00~12:30  Funeral Mass Ceremony   19:00~Extolment of the Eucharist(Benediction)

12/6 (Fri) 9:30~As intention in the mass, John the Baptist Father Naoya Sasaki (Memorial)

        After Mass~Paul-kai

12/7 (Sat) Meditation 13:30~15:00

12/8 (Sun) 2nd Sunday of Advent  After Mass, General Cleaning,  Welfare Committee, Xmas Carol Practice

12/9 (Mon) St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception (Feast)    Mass 9:30~ ・ 19:00 ~

12/15 (Sun) 3rd Sunday of Advent     Bolivia Support Group “Leisure Sunday”

12:00~Christmas concert (At Church Hall)

12/16(Mon) 10:00~14:00  “AOS hat Knitting Gathering” sponsored by Maria-kai

12/21 (Sat) After Mass~15:00 “AOS Hat Knitting Gathering” sponsored by Maria-kai


★ Request for [Christmas donation]

A donation envelope was prepared in the Church Hall donation box. Do not seal or stick tape on the envelope as it will be used repeatedly. Thank you for your cooperation.

☆ Christmas cards and annual event schedules are distributed in letter cases. The card contains information about the liturgical ritual and the Nativity Festival, so please take it home and read it.

☆ The “Ichiryukai Special Donation” for the seminary students aiming for priest was ¥ 46,110. Thank you for your cooperation. -Ichiryukai

☆ 12/15 (Sun) 12: 00 ~ Christmas Concert at the Church. Please see the lobby poster for details. Free admission.                     Choir

☆  “Contribution Request” The contributions from all of you will be published in the “Special Light of the World, New Year Special Issue” “To the Pope visits Japan” scheduled to be issued at the end of January 2012. Thank you for your cooperation.

☆  December issue of “26th Saints”newsletter was issued. It is placed in the letter case, so please take it home and read it.

Public Relations Committee

☆ The office is now accepting applications for parking permission for 2020. The target is those who want to park at 10:00 mass on Sunday. It is not necessary for weekdays, Saturday masses, and 7 o’clock masses. The application is in the office. Deadline 12/15 (Sun)

《 Notice from Office 》

 Exchange day with Yokohama Medical Center 12/12 (Thursday) 13:30~


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【Additional Inforamtion】

☆From September, we will not be able to accept mass intention for the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass.

☆Please cooperate with Christmas donation. Envelopes for bazzar donations are prepared on the donation box in the church.

☆ To those person who can not easily hear the sound during Mass, you can hear the sound by using your FM radio on 89.0 Mhtz, please see the notice at the church entrance.

☆ Mothly Contribution:  If you do not have paid the mothly contribution, could you please pay the monthly contribution in order to keep the maintenance cost and construction repair fund in the future.  Please ask the information, how to pay, how much pay, and so on to a member of Inter-Family Group in our church.


Free Discussion for Dad and Mom with baby and little children.  English Supporter  is available.

☆ Please donate towels (without printed advertisements), soaps, toothbrushes as Christman Presents for sailors. Please put the items in the box next to the church general office.

☆ Please donate blankets for street dwellers. (at the church general office)