Dear brothers and sisters in Futamatagawa Catholic Church,

This is a very important notice regarding the


Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” (John 20, 19)

Beloved believers, the Lord Jesus Christ has been resurrected. I pray that you are full of  joy and blessing of the resurrection, while praising Jesus who has crushed the sins and deaths of the world through His own death and has shown eternal life to all through the resurrection.

As you know, our mass has been discontinued since the beginning of Lent. Initially, I didn’t expect it to be so long, but the public mass has already been suspended twice until today. Under such circumstances, the government  declaration of the state of emergency was issued. As a result, all citizens have to stay out of the crowd and avoid going out until May 6th. This period will end in Golden Week, but the results of the movements of people in the GW are likely to appear over the next two weeks or so. In addition, considering the recovery period of those infected in the past month, we decided that it would be necessary to extend the discontinuation of public masses. We apologize to everyone for prolonging the cancellation. However, I believe it is one of the practices of Jesus’ love that everyone cooperates to protect the lives of all people.

Beloved Believers! The resurrected Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to His disciples and built a church on earth in this world. Now, in this difficult situation, I think we should pray that God will infuse the church of the earth with the new breath of the Holy Spirit. In addition, everyone must accept God’s guidance and make a new decision to live according to God’s will. May God give eternal life to all those who have died of this unexpected disease, and all patients and their families who fight against this illness, and all who are engaged in medical care. I pray that you will give comfort and courage to the family. We also pray for good blessings and powers from God to those who are trying to share their current pains through good faith and prayers.

Mother of God Holy Mary, pray for us.

Suspension of all the public masses is extended until May 30th, 5:00pm.

❊Please refer to the previous guide for countermeasures and measures during this period.

Fr. Jacob Kang Jin Ku

Parish Priest
Futamatagawa Catholic Church

If you have other inquiries regarding this notice , please do not hesitate to contact the
Church office #045-391-6296 E-mail: office@futamatagawa-cc.com