P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass: Sunday: 7:00am~and 10:00am~ Saturday: 5:00 pm~
Monday: No Mass , Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am~



7/8 (SAT) 10:00~14:00 Knitting Class by Maria-Kai  Mass is preparation for Futamatagawa Kita.  After Mass, Futamatagawa Kita District Meeting

7/9 (SUN) 14thSunday of Ordinary Time
Closing the 1st term of Churh School, Church School Leaders Meeting, Summer Camp. Meeting, Sundy Luncheon by Bolivia Support Group, Disctrict Coordinaor Meeting, Pan-no-Kai

7/10 (MON) 11:00-14:00 Yearly Tea Party & Mini Bazaar of Anna-Kai 

7/16 (SUN) 15thSunday of Ordinary Time, After Mass, Bazzar Committee Mtg., Public Relations Commit. Mtg.

7/21 (FRI) After Mass – 15:00 Knitting Class by Maria-Kai

7/22(SAT) Mass is prepared for Futamatagawa-Minami District.  After Mass, Great East Japan Earthquake Support Shop

7/23 (SUN) 16thSunday of Ordinary Time  Great East Japan Earthquake Support Shop

7/28(FRI) After Mass to 14:00, A Gathering with Fr. Sasaki by Maria-kai having a lunch.

Additional Inforamtion☆

2017 A New Edition of Guidance for Christianity Course is now available, fill-out the necessary form and submit your order to the office.

7/10 (Mon)Yearly Tea Party & Mini Bazaar of Anna-Kai on July 1st and 2nd, the tickets will be on sale from 6/17 (SAT) after Mass. No selling of tickets after 7:00am Mass on Sundays. Please see the details on the poster.

8/5 (SUN)  After Mass, Please join a Social Gathring Hot-Summer at Church Parking Yard.  Waring for your participation.