P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass:Sunday: 7:00am~and 10:00am~ Saturday: 5:00 pm~
Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am~

9/23(SAT) Office will be closed for holiday.

9/24(SUN) 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Mass for Inter-family
International Immigrating Refugee’s Day (Donation), Bolivia Support Group “Sunday Luncheon)”, Coffee Service, Bazzar Committee Meeting, Youth Association Meeting

9/27(WED) No Mass

9/29(FRI) After Mass ,  Movie Appreciation & Lunch by Maria-Kai, please see the poster in the lobby.

9/30(SAT) 10:0-14:00 Knitting Class by AOS Maria-kai, Mass for Tsurugamine Higashi District.

10/1(SUN) 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Mass for Inter-family, Parish Leaders Meeting
International Immigrating Refugee’s Day (Donation), DVD Showing of Movie “Silence”

10/8(SUN) 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Joseph-Kai Meeting, Sunday Luncheon by Bolivia Support Group, DVD Showing of Movie “Silence”


Additional Inforamtion☆

Churh Magazine [September 26 SEIJIN] has been published.

9/23 (SAT) 10:30~14:00 Joint Event of Dai3-Chiku at Isogo Church, Social Interaction and Children’s Mass officiated By Fr. Hamada

10/1(SUN) and 10/8(SUN)  After Mass ,  Movie Appreciation “Silence”  produced by Mr. Martin Scorsese

10/9 (MON)  50th Anniversary ICHIRYU-KAI meeting will be held at KARUIZAWA. Please see the poster in the lobby.

 10/15(SUN) After Mass, A lecture will be held to think about poverty of children with foreign backgrouds, as 1 st stage to now the situation.