P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass:Sunday: 7:00am~and 10:00am~ Saturday: 5:00 pm~
Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am~

October in Hooly Rosary Month; Saturday: 4:30pm~, Sunday: 9:30am~, Monday – Friday 9:30~




10/7(SAT) Wedding Ceremony at Yamate Church, Norota Junichi & Suzuki Reiko , 15;00-16:30 Bazzar Committee Meeting 

10/8(SUN) 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Joseph-Kai Meeting, Sunday Luncheon by Bolivia Support Group, DVD Showing of Movie “Silence”


10/14(SAT) 10:00-14:00 Knitting Class by AOS Maria-kai, Mass is prepared and intended for TSURUGAMINE-HIGASHi District

10/15(SUN) 28th Sunday Ordinary Time, Children Mass (Including a baptismal ceremony)  After Mass – Lecture “Think about less-fortune children with foreign backgrounds 1st-stage”, Youth Association Meeting, Coffee Service by Joseph-kai

10/16-10/20 No Weekday Mass (Father will be out of church)

10/21 (SAT) Mass is prepared and intended for TSURUGAMINE-NISHI District

10/22(SUN) 29h Sunday Ordinary Time, Inter-Family Mass, Donation for the World Mission Day, Coffee Service by Joseph-Kai, Cemetary Commit. Meeting, Inter-Family Meeting  

Additional Inforamtion☆

10/8-to the end of November, the note book for All Aouls Day celebration is available for lisitng the deceased person you would like to include in the prayer.  The notebook will be offered by Fr. Sasaki on 11/2 (Thursday Moss) All Souls Day

HP Passward in the community contents will be changed from Oct. 1. Please see the poster in the lobby.

10/9 (MON)  50th Anniversary ICHIRYU-KAI meeting will be held at KARUIZAWA. Please see the poster in the lobby.

 10/15(SUN) After Mass, A lecture will be held to think about poverty of children with foreign backgrouds, as 1 st stage to now the situation.

11/23(MON) Japan Catholic Semnary Xavier Festival  Fee:2,000Yen ( free of charge for children and senior HS lever person), please register your name unter the poster at the lobby no later than 10/29 (SUN).