P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass: Saturday 5:00 pm~, Sunday 10:00 am~

 Morning Prayer;    Monday – Friday 9:30~

12/2 (SAT) Anticipated 1st Day Advent, 17:00~Mass,Officiating Priest: Fr. Keisuke Suzuki,  10:00-14:00 Knitting Class by Maria-Kai

12/3(SUN) Anticipated 1st Day Advent  (Donation for promotion missionary area) , Parish Leaders Meeting,  10:00~Mass, Officiating Priest :  Fr. Shintaro Taniwaki, Sunday Charity Food Shop by Bolivia Support Group,Pastoral Leaders Meeting, Junior Highschool Social Gathering

12/8 (FRI)  No Mass  Immaculate Conception of Mary (Solemnity)

12/9 (SAT)  Anticipated 2nd Day Advent, 14:00~Advent Meditation to be officiated by Fr. Taniwaki, 17:00~Mass with Prayers Intention for Mitsukyo-Kita District

12/10(SUN) Anticipated 2nd Day Advent, 10:00~Mass with Children, Officiating Priest: Not deceided

12/15(FRI) AOS Knitting Class  (Time is not decided)

12/16 (SAT) 17:00~Rituals/Ceremonies Guidance, 13:30- Christmas Concert 

12/17(SUN) Anticipated 3rd Day Advent, 10:00~Ritual/Ceremonies Guidance, End of Sunday School 2nd semestar,   

Additional Inforamtion☆

The main  door will be opened and closed  at irregular time in absence of residense priest.

Beginning Oct. 1st, Official Church HP – Common Page Passwaord has been changed. Please see the poster in the lobby.

12/16(SAT) 13:30- Christmas concert is  a 2000 years tradition. Let’s listen to the traditional Christmas songs and music, invite your family and friends and enjoy the concert together. Featuring: The Church Choir , Tone-Chime, and all members participation. Entrance is Free!