P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass: Saturday 5:00 pm~, Sunday 10:00 am~

Morning Prayer;    Monday – Friday 9:30~
Farther Jin Ku Kang has been appointed as a parish priest of FUTAMATAGAWA Church as of Januray 15.

2/4(SUN) 5the Sunday Ordinary Time 10:00~Mass,  11:30-12:30 Welfare Committee Seminar, after seminar, Parish Leaders Meeting

2/5(MON) 10:00~Mass for Martydom of the 26 Saints of Japan  

2/11(SUN) 6th Sunday Ordinary Time 10:00~Mass 【World Day of prayers for the sick】Baptims Ceremony in tMass

2/14(WED) Ash Wednesday (Lent) Mass time: 10:00~、19:00~Mass

2/16(FRI) 10:00~Station of Holy Cross(No Mass)

2/18(SUN) First Sunday of Lent, Children’s Mass, Sacrament of Confession for children, Sunday Charity Food Shop by Support Group for Bolivia, After Mass, Joseph Kai & Public Information Committee Meeting

★Joint Ceremoy of Candidates for Baptism in FUJISAWA Church

2/23(FRI) 10:00~Station of Holy Cross(No Mass)

Additional Inforamtion☆

Collection of palm branches for Ash Wednesday: January 20 (SAT)~ February 9 (FRI)

  The manuscripts will be collected until the end of January for members who would like to submit their written memories with Fr. Sasaki. Please see details on the poster at lobby or church home-page

2/4(SUN) 11:30Lecture hosted by welfare committee  Lecturer : Masashi Kameda ( Art historian )     Please see the details on the poster at the lobby.

1/28 (SUN) Donation for Children’s Welfare Day 32,6743Yen.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Prayer Intention Requests are acceptable in Saturday Mass Only.