P02 第2留 イエス、十字架をになう。Mass: Saturday 5:00 pm~, Sunday 10:00 am~

Morning Prayer;    Monday – Friday 9:30~

2/11(SUN) 6th Sunday Ordinary Time 10:00~Mass 【World Day of prayers for the sick】Baptims Ceremony in Mass

2/14(WED) Ash Wednesday (Lent) Mass time: 10:00~、19:00~

2/16(FRI) 10:00~Station of Holy Cross, 10:00~14:00 Knitting Class by AOS Maria-kai

2/18(SUN) First Sunday of Lent, 10:00~Children’s Mass, Sacrament of Confession for children, Sunday Charity Food Shop by Support Group for Bolivia, After Mass, Joseph Kai Meeting, Public Information Committee Meeting

★Joint Ceremoy of Candidates for Baptism in FUJISAWA Church on 

2/23(FRI) 10:00~Station of Holy Cross

2/24(SAT) Spiritual Meditation、Sacrament of Confession (Not in schedule yet)

2/25(SUN) Second Sunday of Lent, 10:00~Mass, with International Family, After Mass, 2018 FUTAMATAGWA Church General Meeting (Congregation of Christiani)

Additional Inforamtion☆

≪Donation Requests≫

 For the homeless :  Warm blankets and properly washed men’s underwears, socks.. etc. Please bring your donations to the office. Items such as trousers, sweaters , winter clothings couldn’t be donated.

*Yokohama Ryoiku Medical Centre Activity

    2/15 (THUR) 10:30 ~

    2/23(FRI)       13:20~

Prayer Intention Requests are acceptable in Saturday Mass Only.