【Mass Schedule】

Mass: Saturday 5:00 pm~,   Sunday 10:00 am~

Morning Prayer;    Monday – Friday 9:30~

*The photo of Fr.Sasaki could still be viewed in the church until his remains (ashes) are laid to rest

March 21st(WED) 11:00~ Mass at Yamate Cathedral to finally laid Fr. Sasaki ashes in Yamate Church Cemetery.  Anyone can attend.


【Church Calendar & Church Event】

3/10 (SAT)   After Mass ~East Japan Earthquake Rebuilding Support Shop

3/11(SUN)   4thSunday of Lent   *Children Mass   *Closing of Sunday School & Graduation Ceremony.

*After Mass~East Japan Earthquake Rebuilding Support Shop.  Selling of  “Peace be with You”  T-Shirts.

*District Coordinator Meeting   *Communal Cemetery Committee meeting.

3/16(FRI)   10:00~ Station of the Holy Cross   *10:00~14:30 Knitting Class by AOS Maria Kai

3/17 (SAT)  10:00~ Memorial Mass

3/18 (SUN)  5th Sunday of Lent  *Inter- Family Mass   *Sunday Charity Food Shop by support group for Bolivia   *Public Relations Committee Meeting   *Joseph-Kai Meeting

3/19 (MON)  Saint Joseph (Solemnity) Mass 10:00~

3/21(WED)   Mass to laid Fr. Sasaki ashes 11:00am at Yamate Church Lecture & Mass,  Officiated by Fr. Lee from 13:30~17:30 At Hodogaya Catholic Church.

3/23(FRI)   Station to the Holy Cross after Palm preparation.   Looking for volunteers who can assist.

3/24(SAT)   10:00~14:00 Knitting Class by AOS Maria-Kai.

3/25(SUN)   PALM SUNDAY 【World Youth Day】 *Joseph-Kai Coffee Services


【Additional Inforamtion】

★ Prayer intension requests are to be included in 17:00 Saturday Mass only .

3/5 (MON) ~ 3/24 (SAT) : Roof renovation will be made excluding Sundays & public holidays . 
Worker’s vehicles and construction materials will occupy the parking space so please refrain from coming by car. Parking on the flowerbed side is not allowed on weekdays and Saturdays.  Your cooperation is expected and please bear with the inconveniences.

Love Donation for Lent

Donation envelopes available on the top of donation box. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

★he finance committee is encouraging the separation of household donations.  Members of the family who are over 20 years old have to give a separate donation and will be considered as another household.

★A Campaign is launch to help Fr. Kang memorize our names and faces.  If you wish to have your photos available please do not hesitate to approach Public Relation Committee.

★ If you wish to subscribe the “Daily Mass” May 2018 ~April 2019 issue,  please fill out the form and submit to the office with your subscription fee. Deadline : March 11 (SUN) Annual subscription fee ¥4,700 ( ¥5,300 in the case of individual purchase.) 

【Notice from Church Office】

*Yokohama Ryoiku Medical Centre Activity Closed during March.