【Church Calendar & Church Event】

6/03 (SUN) Corpus Christi (Solemnity)

  *Children’s Mass – First Communion Ceremony within the mass.

  *After mass~Sacrament of Confirmation Seminar  *Sunday School Leader’s Meeting.

6/08 (FRI)  Sacred Heart of Jesus (Solemnity)  Mass 09:30~

6/10 (SUN) 10thSunday Ordinary Time

*After Mass~Sunday School Leader’s Meeting   *Joseph-Kai : Coffee service  
*Mitsukyou Minami, Mitsukyou Kita District gathering with the Parish Priest.

6/15(FRI)   After weekday Mass~15:00 knitting class by AOS Maria-Kai

6/16(SAT)   After Main day Mass : Sacrament of Confirmation Seminar.

6/16(SAT)~6/17(SUN)   Joseph-Kai training camp

6/17 (SUN) 11thSunday Ordinary Time

*After Mass~Bolivia Day *Sacrament of Confirmation Seminar

★Bolivia Day. A Nun will talk about the situation in Bolivia within the Mass.


【Additional Inforamtion】

★6/3  A Tea Party after Mass to celebrate the First Holy Communion. Requesting for  contribution of some snacks and sweets ( single packaging preferred ). Please bring to the kitchen at 2F before 9:30 AM.



*Main Days Mass : Saturday: 17:00  Sunday: 7:00 and 10:00

*Weekdays Mass : Monday: 7:00 Tuesday ~ Saturday: 9:30 (Morning Prayer : 9:00)

*National Holiday Mass (except Sunday) : 9:30

Sacrament of Confession : 30 minutes before Mass, for duration of 20 minutes the priest is inside the onfession room.

【Notice from Church Office】

*Yokohama Ryoiku Medical Centre activities: 6/7(THUR) 10:30~

CHARITY CONCERT    Presented by: Yuri no Kai

     TITLE:  UENO KUN & TANAKA KUN~   Classic Guitar combination with Flute…

    Day :     June 23 (SAT)     Time : 14:00    Admission:13:30

    Place:   Futamatagawa Church

    Admission Fee: ¥ 2.000   (Free up to Junior High School students )

    Now on sale.     Get your tickets at the office on weekdays.

*Please see the details on the poster at the lobby.