*Main Days Mass : Saturday: 17:00  Sunday: 7:00 and 10:00

*Weekdays Mass : Monday: 7:00 Tuesday ~ Saturday: 9:30 (Morning Prayer : 9:00)

*National Holiday Mass (except Sunday) : 9:30

Sacrament of Confession : 30 minutes before Mass, for duration of 20 minutes the priest is inside the onfession room.

☆Rosary Prayers on Sunday Mass from Oct. 7th 

【Church Calendar & Church Event】

11/4(SUN) 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Child Baptism within the Mass
Church Committee Meeting

11/8(THU) 9:30 Memorial Mass  

11/10(SAT) 10:00 Memorila Mass for Fr. Alfred Burke, after mass,  Video Preesntaion and a gathering at 2F. Participation Fee:Yen 200 (Below hight school level is free of charge)

Donation for Seminarioans by ICHIRYU-KAI

11/11(SUN) 32nd Snday Ordinary Time, Children’s Mass 

Donatiaon for Seminarians by ICHIRYU-KAI
Charity Food Shop for Bolivia by Bolivia Support Group
Coffee Service by Joseph-Kai
Faffle Tchikets KALAKASAN by Inter-family 

11/14(WED) 9:30- Memorial Mass 

11/16(FRI) After Mass to 15:00, Knitting Class by AOS Maria-Kai

11/17(SAT) After Main Mass, Great East Japan Earthquake Support Shop

11/18(SUN) 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Week for Bible Reading

Inter-Family Mass
Children’s Confession
Great East Japan Earthquake Suppor Shop
Inter-family Meeting
Public Relations Committee Meeting

11/23(FRI) St. Xavier Solemnity at Nihon Catholic Gakuin  Assembly: 7:15  Departure:7:30
Tramsportation Fee (Bus):Yen 2,000 (to be collected on the day)


【Additional Inforamtion】


Free Discassion for Dad and Mom with baby and little children.  A Supporter in English.

☆ Please donate towels (without printed advertisements), soaps, toothbrushes as Christman Presents for sailors. Please pu the items in the box ner to the church general office unitl the end of Novembers.

☆ Please donate blankets for street dwellers. (at the church general office)