*Main Days Mass : Saturday: 17:00  Sunday: 7:00 and 10:00

*Weekdays Mass : Monday: 7:00,  Tuesday ~ Saturday: 9:30 (Morning Prayer : 9:00)

*National Holiday Mass (except Sunday) : 9:30

Sacrament of Confession : 30 minutes before Mass, for duration of 20 minutes the priest is inside the confession room.

【Church Calendar & Church Event】

9/8 (SUN) 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Mass for Children 

9/13 (FRI) After Mass, AOS Hat Knitting Gathering 

9/15 (SUN) 24th Sunday of ordinary time, After Mass,  Respect for the Aged Assembly 

9/18(Wed) Pilgrimage Excursion with Farther Kan (Church Office is closed)

9/21 (SAT) Agter Mass, Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Shop

9/22 (SUN) 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time <World Refugee Migrants Day (Donation>, Interfamily Mass, Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Shop

9/28 (SAT) After Mass, AOS Hat Knitting Gathering

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【Additional Inforamtion】

☆From September, we will not be able to accept mass intention for the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass.

☆Please cooperate with bazzar donations. (Autumn Bazzar Oct. 27) Envelopes for bazzar donations are prepared on the donation box in the church.

☆ XAVIER Festival Information 11/4 (Mon), please fill in the application from in the lobby.

☆ To those person who can not easily hear the sound during Mass, you can hear the sound by using your FM radio on 89.0 Mhtz, please see the notice at the church entrance.

☆ Mothly Contribution:  If you do not have paid the mothly contribution, could you please pay the monthly contribution in order to keep the maintenance cost and construction repair fund in the future.  Please ask the information, how to pay, how much pay, and so on to a member of Inter-Family Group in our church.


Free Discussion for Dad and Mom with baby and little children.  English Supporter  is available.

☆ Please donate towels (without printed advertisements), soaps, toothbrushes as Christman Presents for sailors. Please put the items in the box next to the church general office.

☆ Please donate blankets for street dwellers. (at the church general office)